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Drafter automatically creates drawing of longitudinal cross-sections and schemas of pipe networks, pipelines and so on. It was developed to work especially with sewage networks, however it can be successfully used for other systems like: water supply, gas or drainage.

Drafter offers help from entering the data of nodes, automatically calculating some values, until a pipe network drawing is generated. The drawing can be modified in most CAD applications or printed directly from Drafter.


  • automatically determines characteristic values,
  • generates drawings in the vector format DXF (possibility of further processing in CAD type applications),
  • allows direct printing generated drawings without any additional software,
  • includes objects, e.g.: septic tanks, manholes, dampers, pipes,
  • generates pipe networks statistics (excavation volume and area, minimal and maximal: depth and drop, etc.),
  • greatly speeds up the creation and modification of drawings,
  • is flexible - has many configuration options.