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Infotable editor features

Infotable editor features

Infotable editor is located in the main window on the Infotable tab. With it you can create a table, which will include basic data such as describing the development, designer, etc. It can be virtually any shape and include additional data.

Inserting text boxes in the editor:
  • textbox Text box - Insert a text box.
  • Title list Title list - Placed in the editor drop-down list the titles of the drawings. If you type the title that is not listed, then it will be stored permanently after going to the Preview tab.
Navigation: Use the arrows buttons Change of size/place to change Location Location change or Size Size change of box in the editor where the cursor is currently positioned. After pressing x10 button is increased ten-fold jump during the operation using the arrow keys.
To drag textbox within editor hold [Ctrl] key on the keyboard.

Deleting text boxes: Pressing Textbox delete Delete text box button will delete the text box in which the cursor is currently positioned.

If there is no need to put the Infotable in the drawing, press the Without infotable button.