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Working with templates

Content of generated documents is drawn from a template placed in a subdirectory "templates". To edit the template press Template edit button placed in Templates window. Template file has WZR extension. Its content can also be modified in any text editor (e.g.: Notepad).
Warning! Modification of the template involves the appearance of change generated in the future, documents that are based on the template.

Lesser-used templates can be hidden by pressing the +/- button. Hidden templates, you can see by pressing the button with the image of the trash. Restoring the hidden template is held by analogy as hidding.

With the program among others templates are being delivered: specification of Datatable, materials specification, profile statistics.
You can create your own document template that uses customer data (e.g. request to the office, technical description, imprint to the envelope, any protocols, etc.). To do this, create a file of any name and WZR extension (eg test.wzr) and open it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Template must include a heading and actual content of the document. When you create a new template must be placed in a "templates" subdirectory.

Template header sample:

<TITLE>Profile statistics</TITLE>

TITLE: The title of the template, which appears in the drop-down list of templates
FONT_SIZE: The font size for a given template
FONT_NAME: Font name for the template
TYPE: Document type (htm - allows for free text formatting, placement of tables, but it is difficult or editable txt - have fewer opportunities generated document formatting, but readily undergo editing).

To put the data in the created document, you must use the variables. They can be put anywhere in the document.