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Available objects

How to navigate the drop-down list Objects using the keyboard.

When you move (the cursor from the keyboard) to the column "Object", press Enter, and then using the keys Cursor up and Cursor down to select an item such as: "other..." and press Enter. On the drop-down list should appear in new objects such as "building". After moving on it again press Enter. This drop will disappear and the object chosen in categories fittings and other will be added directly to the Datatable. Whereas choice of other objects must be specify in Objects window.

Inserting objects to Datatable is also possible from main menu by choosing Insert object.

Objects window

Buttons definitions:

Object parameters
display detailed parameters of chosen object,
press to hide rarely used objects or show earlier hidden (after click Show all button),
Show all
add to list also hidden objects (marked as red),
In the text field Description you can specify filter pattern using variables:
object's name,
object's description,
object's producer name,
catalog index,
The most used description's patterns is possible to change by choosing last item (customize list...).
The following is a tree with available objects:
  • manholes: standard, water-meter
  • tanks (septic tanks, separators, liquid gas tanks etc.)
  • fittings ...
    • dumper
    • ground hydrant
    • underground hydrant
  • other ...
    • building
    • pipe
    • gasbox
    • trench/slope
    • water-meter set
  • empty (to remove from the Datatable already inserted object)

In addition, the list is heading "..". It allows you to return to the previous set of objects.

Objects from categories "tanks" and "manholes" may be added by user. The way of object adding is described in Object parameters chapter.