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In order to speed up profiles data entry, the program allows you to select values that will be automatically inserted into the table. These values can be modified in the window Configuration on Autofilling tab. Values, which may be supplemented are:
  • slope;
  • diameter;
  • material;
  • node name.
    Node prefix can be created automatically (by the name of the object in a given node) or on the basis of the prefix specified by the user (allowable number of characters in the prefix is 3). Checking the box Incrementation will automatically add numbers of nodes.
  • trench width
    In addition to standard options, the width can be calculated by adding the current value of the diameter specified in the Add to diameter:. To get the trench with slope walls, choose to Trench wall slope 1: and specify the size of the slope.
Checking like previous node causes the insertion to the next, the new node value given in the previous node.
Unchecked box next to the value would not make it into the data entry.
For the changes made are saved when you quit, press the button Save.