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The user can modify the contents of the table inserted under the profile drawing. List of data that can be placed in the table. The table contains the following columns:
  • No. - item number determines the order of the data. The order can be changed by clicking (on a column No.) and dragging the line in another location,
  • Checkbox row - only the selected rows in this column are placed in the table below the profile,
  • Description - The title line that appears at the beginning of the table. The pipe Invert level, you can use a variable @r, which at the time of generating the drawing will be replaced by the word "axis", "bottom" or "top" - depending on the profile settings,
  • Unit - A unit in which values are presented in a row,
  • Precision - The precision with which it is presented by a number (number of decimal places),
  • Node - check box to select where data from node prompt concern, and do not relate to the section between the nodes. From the appropriate selection depends, among others direction of the text in the row (vertical or horizontal),
  • Expression - Expression can only change in rows added by the user. A formula can consist of variables and values. For example, using the expression "@_td_ground_level+1" will result in the elevation of land value from Data table increased by 1. After adding a line based on this formula, you can get a line parallel to the line of site.
  • Height - is determined as a percentage of the default row height of the table.
To change the order to enter data in the table below the profile, click on the column No. row to be moved and hold down the mouse button, drag and drop a line to a new location in the table.

By checking the box Chainage to get under the table line with those distances.
Selection List Chainage allows you to specify the unit, which will be given full value of the distance. Choosing Automatic causes selection the largest unit for given profile,
eg, when the total length is 321.50 m profile unit in which distances will be given hectometres.

If the data group in the table Put into table when non empty will be awarded an option "Line 1" and "Line 2" and/or "Angle" and/or "Terrain description" then will be placed into table under the profile data from the column "Line 1", "Line 2" and "Angle" and "Terrain description" (regardless of the settings in the appropriate positions in the table above), if the above data has been entered.

Checking option Gradient - Inverted will be placed on the table, the inverse slope (eg 50 for a slope 2%). The entry of this type is used in some countries. The text in a text box Gradient - Prefix will be placed before the value of the slope.

For the changes made are saved when you quit, press the button Save.