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On the Lines tab, you can set the color and the layer of the following lines formed in the picture:
  • terrain,
  • pipe,
  • trench bottom,
  • additional - first,
  • additional - second,
  • creating the profile table,
  • creating the Infotable,
  • at which the comments are.
By removing the check from the box Draw next to the line can block its generation. Line the bottom of the trench is generated only when the amount of bedding on the Cross-section tab is greater than zero.

If Single pipe line option is checked on the generated drawing pipe will draw by one line.

In addition to the default line, you can add your own line. To do this you must first add a new item in Table with the formula, which will be determined by the ordinates of the new line. Then set the cursor to the last row of the table with the lines and press the key [cursor down] on your keyboard.

For the changes made are saved when you quit, press the button Save.