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On the Fonts tab, you can specify the parameters of the fonts that are used in the generated drawing.
The requested typeface, choose from the dropdown list Name. It can be found on only those fonts installed on the system of which lend themselves to scaling. Moreover Drafter automatically added to the list of all files (not all fonts need to be) from the directory "Fonts" default CAD application. The names of these fonts are gray. If the font of this type are found, their use is stoned. If the program does not automatically find these fonts can be identified manually by pressing Directory, the font directory application used to edit the generated profile.
Regardless for comments, the texts contained in the table below the profile and the imprint of the project can change the fonts, the following parameters:
  • height
  • color; Chosen from Colors window, created by double clicking the left mouse button. There are 255 standard colors. Their subsequent numbers correspond to the numbers assigned to corresponding colors used in most CAD applications.
  • distance from vertical line (Space column).
  • width percentage (Width column). Described as a percentage (100% means that the width is not modified by changing the value - is changed character width).
  • layer, to which the text will be assigned on the drawing (Layer column).
By default, the table under the profile names are placed on the right vertical line (passing through the node). Option Ordinate descriptions in profile drawing on the left allows you to put names to the left of the vertical line.