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Change the value Sidefill height and Bedding height affect the determination of approximate volume of excavation, sidefil and bedding in the Statistics window. In addition, these parameters are taken into account when generating the cross-sectional drawings.

Text box Pipe description is used to describe the pipe placed on the cross-section. It is advisable to use the description of the following variables:
  • @m - pipe material,
  • @d - pipe diamter [mm],
  • @o - sleeve protecting tube diameter [mm],
  • @r - pipe ordinate [m AOD],
  • @z - pipe bottom depth [m]
For example, write "@m@d @z m" will be converted automatically in the drawing for the description of "PCV160 1.60 m".

Wall thickness of the manhole should be provided in the text box Sump wall thickness. It will be used when generating the manhole cross-section well.