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Drawing parameters
  • When Longitudinal... edit box has value 0 (zero) then width of title column of table on longitudinal section drawing is calculated automatically as thin as possible (depends of titles widths). Other values are directly apllied to width of column.
  • Edit box Distance between profiles [mm] is used to determine the interval between each picture profiles (if the project contains more than one profile). The distance should be expressed in millimeters of print.
  • Checking Vertical ruler on the profile drawing checkbox place ruler on the left side of the drawing. It's makes easy measure objects ordinate which it hasn't directly specified. If project includes more than one profile ruler is placed only when profile datum level is different from previous.
    Ruler on the drawing
  • By checking Mark scale on the profile drawing is possible to place information about scales values below table on the profile drawing. Information is also placed, regardless checkbox state, if project contains profiles with different horizontal scales values.
    Scale info on the drawing
  • Rearange comments... option allows to choose one of two algorithms, responsible for the way of comments rearanging on longitudinal section drawing. Turned on, if possible locks node descriptions.

    Sample with unchecked (on the left) and checked:

    Descriptions without lock nodes Descriptions with lock nodes
  • An option In geotechnical... determines form and place of descriptions on cross-section.
  • Group of settings Node labels... has an influence on placing node labels on the longitudinal section drawing.

    When in circles checkbox is unchecking nodes are placed on drawing without surrounding circles. Unchecking may helps when node labels contains more than 3 characters and they goes out beyond circle.

    Node labels without circles

    In case small distances between neighbour nodes may be useful to check in two lines checkbox. It allow to placing nodes in two lines. It decrease probability of overlapping labels.

    Sample with unchecked (on the left) and checked option:

    Node labels in one line Node labels in two lines