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Configuration > "Data" table

  • Increasing the value of the Font height can include introduced to improve the readability of the Data table.
  • From the selection list Decimal places, you can choose the size rounding of the values displayed in the Data table.
  • Unchecking Color Data table can get pastel "background" automatically calculated fields in a Data table.
  • In drop-down list Gradient unit you can select the unit in which gradient in Data table will be introduced.
  • By default, pipe depth in the Data table is calculated to the bottom or base (depending on the selected options Invert level on Data tab). Unchecking Always calculate depth to pipe bottom calculation of the depth is always at the bottom of the pipe.
  • If you select Always Show bottom pipe ordinate in the table displays data in the Invert level column, bottom ordinate - without regard to choice of options Invert level.
  • Group Ground level interpolation, when... forces the automatic determination of ground level at a node if:
    • missing - ordinate field area in the Data table is empty,
    • node name include "*" - node name contains the "*" character (the character is not placed in the generated drawing). Node for interpolation can be selected using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + I].
    A necessary condition for the automatic implementation of the interpolation is the existence of the Ground level in any node before and behind interpolated node.