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Drawing parameters
  • Checking Draw ordinate next to... chamber invert, with ordinate specified by user option, will put on profile, next to the bottom of the sump, the marker with ordinate value. This option applies only to those sumps for which the user has defined the ordinate in the Comment field in the Data table.
    Similarly, selecting this option on the crossing causes the ordinate of the crossing on the created profile will next to the location of the crossing.
    Ordinate next to crossing invert level Ordinate next to bottom of the chamber
  • Selecting Show in crossing place: distance from profile's begining and/or Show in crossing place: pipe ordinate options causes typing distance and/or ordinate of the proposed pipeline to the table under the profile, in crossing's location.
  • By checking Write bottom level and depth of sludge manhole... checkbox, in the table below profile additionaly, next to pipe ordinate and depth, appears bottom level and depth of the sludge manhole (if they are different of pipe ordinate and depth).
  • Selecting Write distance where protecting tube begining option place of the beginning of the protecting pipe will enter the distance in the table below the profile.
  • Option Protecting tube description line join point allows you to specify the location from which will be derived vertical profile description in the drawing. The choices are: a beginning, middle and end of the casing pipe.
  • To force the inclusion on the first profile string "Datum ground level..." horizontally check Horizontal datum in first profile.
  • Selecting Mark manhole inlets... puts on sumps inlets ordinates (from other profiles/tabs located in the same project). This option affects only the sumps added as object "sump", available since version 2.50. Does not apply to wells added as an object "manhole". Inlets are marked only for projects containing more than one profile.
  • Checking Manhole inlets scheme next to manhole checkbox causes placement of inlets scheme above manhole (marked by orange rectangle).
    manhole with inlets