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  • Drop-down list Language, you can choose the language in which all text will be presented in the program.
  • In the edit box File name pattern can be defined with the help of variables template, according to which the program will offer a file name when trying to write newly created project.
  • Unchecked checkbox Positive gradient value - Pipe up means that if the pipe slope is given as positive value, the program will calculate the next node ordinate the pipe bottom lower than the current node. The opposite interpretation may be obtained by checking the above checkbox.
  • If the Sewage Treatment Plant tab is not used can be hidden by unchecking the Show sewage treatment tab option.
  • Checking Split pipes... checkbox causes in material list splitting pipes on trading lengths (mainly sewers), according to pipe system settings.

    Sample of materials list with splitting pipes...

    With splitting pipes

    ...and without

    Zestawienie rur z wyłączonym podziałem na odcinki