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Configuration - Drawing

In the Configuration window on the Drawing tab is possible to set for drawings (profile, schema, cross-section):
  • scale, independent for X and Y axis,
  • name,
  • number.

Name and number of the drawing may be used as variables in associated documents and in the Infotable (eg by using the variable @_drawing_name, you can use one metric for all types of drawings).

If you choose to Fit profile drawing to page width the Drafter automatically adjusts the scale of the horizontal ("X") so that the generated profile drawing fit the currently selected paper format (eg A4 format). Additionally, the user can impose a minimum stroke in the selection of scale by entering the value in the text box Scale interval. For example: when you are given a jump equal to "50" is a program that will analyze the following scale, starting at 1:1, increasing further to 50 (1:50, 1:100, 1:150, etc.) until it finds such at which the total drawing will fit on the currently selected (in the print settings) page size. This option works only for the profile drawing.

Use the drop-down list Unit, you can choose the smallest unit of generated figure. Default unit is [mm].

By clicking Default Infotable, you can choose a Infotable template that will be used by default in newly created projects.

On the network schema drawing program can automatically cut sections. Will be shortened sections longer than that given in the field: Trim sections longer than ... [m].

For the changes have been saved even after you close the program, press the button Save.