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Cross sections editor

Cross-sections editor is used to define cross sections of the proposed network. Sections should be introduced after entering data in the Data table in the main window. The user can restrict the amount of presented cross sections by selecting the nodes between which they are situated.

A description of each column of editor:
  • Name - cross section name (e.g. A-A).
  • Node - node name (from Data table), which will be given the distance to cross section. When you edit this value you must select a node from a list of existing ones. Cross sections is assigned to the selected node, ie, the user can freely change its position in the table each time without the need to update the position of the cross section.
  • Distance - distance from node from Node column to cross section. This value can be negative if it refers to an existing node for the cross section.
  • Terrain level - ground level in chosen cross section (value read only).
  • Pipe bottom level - pipe bottom level in chosen cross section (value read only).
  • Trench bottom level - trench bottom level in chosen cross section (value read only).