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Geological cross-section

For each cross-section added in Cross-section editor is possible to add geological cross-section by clicking "+" sign in Geo column. Click will open Geological cross-section window. Here you can input following ground layers with specify for them: Soil type, Thickness in meters and optionally Shortcut. If shortcut was setting then it appears on cross-section instead full description, from Soil type column. To add new row to the table you schould press Insert key or Down cursor ↓ if you are on last row. Press Delete key on the keyboard to remove current row.

To accelerate table filling you can use predefined soil types, from the list placed on right part of the window. To copy value from list to the table you schould double click it or press on keyboard Enter key. When at the same time you hold Shift key then value will be copyied to new table row. When Ctrl key is holding valueu from list is added to current row in the table.

In the edit field Groundwater table level is possible to set depth (in meters) of groundwater table level. When this field has no value groundwater table level will be not marked.

Defined geological cross-section will be placed on longitudinal section drawing, in accordance to distance from node given in Cross-section editor.

Cross-section editor

Depending on the checkbox state In geological cross-section place descriptions in the middle of layers in Settings window cross-section on the drawing may looks in two ways:

Geological cross-section description Geological cross-section description

If user sets at least one shortcut then to drawing will be automatically added the glossary with shortcut definitions:

Geological cross-section glossary