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The "Data" tab

The Data tab

The Data tab is the most important part of the application. Here is place to input almost all data which describe pipes and nodes. The tab is divided in three areas:

  1. The biggest one, called Data table, with parameters generally used.
  2. Panel - slide from tab's right side, with less used columns.
  3. Tab's band - in the bottom part of window, with profiles' names.

Panel is available to show/hide by: icon Panel click on the toolbar, button F4 pressing or choose in menu Tools > Panel. In the Panel also is possible to set other parameters, described in part Pofile parameters.

To change columns order in the Data table or rows in the Panel you schould to click left mouse botton on column/row title and holding pressed button, move and drag it in other place.

User can move column form Data table to Panel and vice versa. To do it you schould to click right mouse button in any value in chosen column and choose an item Move column ... to the Panel. Similarly is available to move row from Panel to Data table.

There is tabs' band below Data table with profiles' names. Each of tabs response following profiles included in the project. After right mouse button click on them user can choose from popup menu:

Include > Current profile (on/off)
include/exclude current profile
Include > Only current profile
exclude all profiles, rest included only current one
Include > Without current
include all profiles except current
Include > All profiles
include all profiles
Inserts new profile to the project
Inserts new profile to the project filled by data copyied from current profile
Delete current profile from the project (project must contains min. 1 profile)
Mark as main
useful when automatically created scheme drawing does not meet expectations
opens rename window

Excluded profile isn't take into account among others: on generated drawings, list of materials. Names of included profiles are preceded by [+], whereas excluded by [-]. Order of tabs may be change by mouse drag and drop. Order change is not possible when icon with padlock is on.