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Profile parameters

By default, automatically calculated values in the Data table are: pipe level, depth and, regardless of the settings, the distance (with the exception of the initial value of distance). Value to be entered manually is pipe slope.
You can change this settings on the Data tab, checking as Value entered manually:
  • Pipe level - the program automatically calculate the values of depth and gradient,
  • Depth - automatically are calculated pipe level and gradient,
  • Gradient - automatically are calculated pipe level and depth,
  • All - automatically is calculated only distance (chainage).
The Pipe level column in Data table may indicate one of the following values of pipe:
  • invert,
  • middle,
  • top.

Preference should be given the option group Pipe level as. The choice also determines the way of connecting pipe on the profile. For example, if the node is a reduction in diameter and is selecting top - pipe tops are aligned.

Checkbox pipe parallel to terrain line means that after the introduction of Depth in the first node and making the new Ground levels program automatically determines the characteristic size of the next sections so that the pipe line runs parallel to the ground.

By default, the compare level is determined automatically by the program. Sometimes, however, there is a need to give another of its value, then you should select Compare Level and enter the field the appropriate value.